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2018-2019 Readymade mtech projects

2019 Mtech Projects in Bangalore

2019 MTech projects for Computer Science

1. Secure File Storage On Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography

2. Financial Status Analysis Using Credit Score Rating

3. Hybrid Payment Security Model For E Commerce

4. Fingerprint Authenticated Secure Android Notes

5. Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum

6. High Security Encryption Using AES & Visual Cryptography

7. A New Hybrid Technique For Data Encryption

8. Extended AES with Custom Configurable Encryption

9. Image Encryption Using AES Algorithm

10. Image Encryption Using Triple DES

11. Graphical Password To Avoid Shoulder Surfing

12. Secure Data Transfer Over Internet Using Image Steganography

13. Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES

14. Smart Android Graphical Password Strategy

15. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer

16. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer

17. Secure Remote Communication Using DES Algorithm

18. Secure ATM Using Card Scanning Plus OTP

19. Secure Lab Access Using Card Scanner Plus Face Recognition

20. Active Chat Monitoring and Suspicious Chat Detection over Internet

21. Credit Card Fraud Detection

22. Remote User Recognition And Access Provision

23. Collective Face Detection Project

24. College automation project

25. Automated Attendance System

26. Mobile Attendance System Project

27. Improved Data Leakage Detection

28. Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction

29. Facial Expression Recognition

30. Graphical Password By Image Segmentation

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