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2018-2019 Matlab Based Projects

Matlab Projects for engineering Students

Arduino Board

Arduino UNO Board  Rs.400

Raspberry pi

Raspberry pi Board  Rs.5000

Matlab Based Projects for ECE

Identification of Critical Locations and Reduced Model State Estimation for Power System Analysis (ANN Based) In order to reduce the carbon footprint and the cost of electric energy, the owners of electric power utilities today are faced with the task of reducing the use of expensive and carbon intensive fossil fuels and significantly increasing the amount of energy from renewable sources in their grids while meeting an increase in electricity demand. To deal with increase in demand, electric utilities operate very close to their maximum capacities and this sometimes results in violating security limits. Therefore, the integration of intermittent renewable energy into the utility grids poses serious concerns that must be addressed to ensure grid stability.
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Only For Rs.500Buy Now

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