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2018-2019 Biomedical Engineering Projects

2019 Medical Electronics Projects for Final year Students

2019 Biomedical Projects

1. Microcontroller based Wireless Temperature and Heart Beat Read-out

2. Supporting Human–Robot Interaction Based on the Level of Visual Focus of Attention

3. Comparative Study of Biological Neural Networks and Artificial Neural Networks

4. No Doze EEG Sleep Detector

5. Architecture for Smart Sensors System for Tele-health

6. Detection of Cancer in Human Blood Sample based on Microscopic Images

7. Modeling of the arterial system with an AVD implanted

8. A Neural Network Based Brain-Computer Interface for Classification of Movement Related EEG

9. A Single-Pixel Wireless Contact Lens Display

10. Strategic Placing of Field Hospitals Using Spatial Analysis

11. 3D EM/MPM Medical Image Segmentation Using an FPGA Embedded Design Implementation

12. Wireless ECG

13. Rhetorical Structures in Medication Information for Patients and Physicians

14. Real-Time Simulation of Passage-of-Time Encoding in Cerebellum Using a Scalable FPGA-Based System

15. A Prototype for Blood Typing Based on Image Processing

16. A Smart Gateway Design for WSN Health Care System

17. Development of an API for Creating and Editing openEHR Archetypes

18. An Android based Monitoring and Alarm System for Patients with Chronic Obtrusive Disease

19. A Novel Airflow Control Valve for use in Medical Applications

20. White Blood Cell Segmentation in Microscopic Blood Images Using Digital Image Processing

21. Development of Optimal Photosensors Based Heart Pulse Detector

22. Design and Development of a Heart Rate Measuring Device using Fingertip

23. Performance Study on ZigBee-Based Wireless Personal Area Networks for Real-Time Health Monitoring

24. An Adaptive Eye Gaze Tracking System Without Calibration for Use in an Automobile

25. Compensating for Respiratory Artifacts in Blood Pressure Waveforms

26. Signaling Pathways Involved in Mechanical Stimulation and ECM Geometry in Bone Cell

27. The Role of DAP-Kinase in Modulating Vascular Endothelial Cell Function Under Fluid Shear Stress

28. Preparation and Evaluation of Antibacterial Dental Glass-ionomer Cements

29. Design of a Galvanotaxic Track for Cells, using Polymer Electrodes

30. CCASENSE: Canonical Correlation Analysis for Estimation of Sensitivity Maps for Fast MRI

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